How to take some amazing GTA 5 screenshots?


Great GTA V PC Screen Shots? Is there a way to take nice GTA 5 screenshots? Can I disable the HUD in the Rockstar Editor?… Yes, of course, Press the H button and then screenshot away!

The aim of this guide is to help player get some awesome screenshots without any strugglings. Each shot with special effects will require a huge performance, so with a deep research on the controls of the Rockstar Editor, I bet you can take the most of the screenshots for sure.

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How to take some amazing GTA 5 screenshots?

Let’s get started
You will have to run GTA V and while in game:
Capture a video using the Rockstar Editor by pressing ALT+F1
Record as much gameplay as you want.
Don’t record in first person
Press “Esc”
Go to the Rockstar Editor Tab, press “enter” and create a new project
Add the clip you would like to take a screenshot from and edit it
From there you can change the camera angle, the effects, the filters and more
Try customize the clip as you want and when you are ready press “H”. Pressing “H” will hide the controls and the settings
Press F12 to take a screenshot and you are done

Rockstar Editor controls

This guide’s only purpose is to help players take some amazing screenshots. Without struggling.
I didn’t go in depth with the controls of the Rockstar Editor because it wasn’t needed. Your feedback is highly appreciated. Feel free to post comments on how to improve the guide, as this was my first one.

Credit Zydith

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