How to install GTA 5 Weapon Mod with OpenIV and Mod Manager?


A year after GTA 5 PC was introduced, I still find a lot of questions about how to use Mod Manager and OpenIV on reddit. So, this will be the first step-by-step guide for the newbies to quickly catch up with the community and enjoy the benefits brought by RPF mod.

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Ok, here we go!

Required Mods:
GTA V Mod Manager
ScriptHookV + Native Trainer
Nuke Railgun:

2. Steps:


Installation: Download OpenIV and replace the file “explosion.meta” in the directory “updateupdate.rpfdlc_patchspupgradecommondata” and the file “explosionfx.dat” in the directory “updateupdate.rpfcommondataeffects” (make a backup first).

The files will be modified is update.rpf so you need backup it. You also can find it at GTAVupdate

Step 1: Create mod folder OpenIV
Create a folder “mods” in GTA V directory
Create a folder “update” in mods folder
Create a folder “x64” in update folder

Step 2: Copy and paste (do not cut files) update.rpf file into “update” Folder.

Step 3: Use OpenIV to Edit
– Turn on “Edit Mode
– Drag and drop (or use Add New File feature – Green Plus Button)
explosion.meta into OpenIVGTAVmodsupdateupdate.rpfdlc_patchspupgradecommondata
explosionfx.dat into OpenIVGTAVmodsupdateupdate.rpfcommondataeffects
– Close OpenIV and done.

Step 4: Use with Mod Manager
Create Nuke Railgun folder inside Mod Manager Folder.
Cut and paste OPENIV “mods” folder into Nuke Railgun folder. Xem thêm: cách dùng GTA V Mod Manager
Open Mod Manager, select folders Nuke Railgun + OpenIV + ScriptHookV + Native Trainer.
Select Single Player
Go into game, press F4 (active Native Trainer Menu) >>> Weapons >>> All Weapons
Press Tab (or Scroll wheel) to active Weapon Wheel >>> select Firework Launcher (between Shotguns and Thrown weapons).
You can see bellow Video to know how to install RPF mod with OpenIV and Mod Manager

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