How To Install GTA 5 Mods – Basic To Advanced Tutorial


How to install GTA 5 Mods? How do you install GTA V mods for PC? If someone can help me that’d be great.

There is a reason explaining the craze for GTA 5 PC. It is partly because of the mod mode, but not everyone can easily install and use it at the very first time. I myself – who do not know much about PC games and modding – also spent hours to read, learn, try, fail and do it all over again (I did think of buying a new computer…) just to be able to enjoy all the features of GTA 5 Mods. So far, after GTA 5 PC had been launched for nearly one year, there are still a lot of people asking about basic GTA 5 Install issues. But there is nothing offering all the necessary information that a beginner needs. So I think it would be really helpful if I could write up a guide covering all GTA V Installation Problems from basic to advanced levels of mod installation and usage in GTA 5.

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Welcome to GTA 5 modding world!

Content Table

1. What do I need to install a GTA 5 Mod ?

Keep in mind

2. How can I do that?


Through “mod” folder

3.How to mod safely and effectively

Type of gta 5 mods

Trainer Mods

Graphical mod

ASI loader, OpenIV and ScripthookV

GTA 5 Backup file?

Can I get ban because of using mod?

Basic tools to install gta 5 mod

1. ScriptHookV

Script Hook V has a descriptive name: it’s a library of files created by Alexander Blade that allow modders to write scripts that then hook into Grand Theft Auto’s single player mode. This is the basic tool that makes modding possible. It’ll automatically close the game if you switch to online.

The package comes with both the most recent Asi Loader (dinput8.dll) and the latest version of the Native Trainer (nativetrainer.asi). The Asi Loader is essential, the Native Trainer is not but does give you ready access to various cheats in the game, including teleportation, fast run and super jump, infinite money…

2. OpenIV

Pretty much the backbone of GTA modding. This is a tool that will be able to dig deep into the game files and modify the ‘children’ of a certain rpf file. OpenIV a requirement if you want to install weapon and vehicle mods.

3. ScripthookV.NET

It is a library of .NET files that allow we to load .NET mods.

4. LUA Plugin

the lua plugin for scripthook to load .LUA mods.

5. Programs

You must haveMicrosoft .Net Framework 4.5.2 and Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 x64 installed.

6. Some other basic mods/programs

Trainer, map editor, FiveM, ENB, SweetFX…

Keep in mind

1. They are tools, not a mod, you will not see any changes in the game, if you only install those tools.

2. They are stuff, of course, if u just need some simple steps to install a mod and see how it work, don’t care too much about what are they.

3. Always note the ReadMe, focusing Installation tab on GTAbest’s mod, most issues are caused by install error.

2. How to Install GTA 5 Mod

Install GTA 5 Mod Directly

Follow Steps

1. Download and install scripthookV

2. Choose a scrip mod

3. Simply drag and drop all files included into main game directory

4. Go Into the game and check functions or features

Keep in mind

1. This method is simple, you just copy and paste the installation file into the original game folder.

2. The mod installation of this type named by script mods. However, you do that make big changes directly in the root directory, error-prone game, and not safe to play online.

3. To avoid errors broken game, you can use the management tool mod as Mod Manager, or the “Mod” Folder OpenIV

Install GTA 5 Mod with “mod” folder

Follow Steps

1. Download and install OpenIV

2. Choose a mod

3. Create a “mod” folder inside main game folder, follow folder structure of modded files.

4. Drag and drop files into right direction

You should see How to install GTA Car Mod

Keep in mind

1. Every times you want to play GTA online, all that you need is remove the scripthookV.dll and the Asi loader from the game directory (see more in part 3).

2. I recommend Bilago’s Mod Manager, then you do not even level than have to delete files, just hit online, and it does it for you. This is an extremely useful tool for keeping your GTA directory clean thus letting you go to vanilla GTA at a click of the button which prevents many issues. You use Mod Manager to manage mod, mod uses OpenIV to install. If you do not play online mode, you needn’t Mod Manager.

3. If there are problems, you could see the fixes at The Common Errors When Installing GTA 5 Mod

3. GTA 5 Mod Advanced Tutorial

Type of gta 5 mods

1. Scripts mods (end with .asi and any .ini or .cfg files it may be come with)

2. RPF mods (cars mod and weapons mod, end up with .yft or .ytd)

3. Textures / Configs Mods (.xml, .meta, .ymt, .dat …)

4. Graphical mods (“ENBSeries” or “SweetFX”)

And more need you to check. You can see GTA 5 Must-Have Mod 2016 to choose a right one.

Keep in mind

Be careful when installing.exe mods. Modders that use surveys or crap like that and insist on getting your cellphone number and verify it (you can’t use a fake one, they send a code to it) then they will spam it so much. Some modders use paid links basically adf-ly and likes are ok, but the others shouldn’t be trusted. 99% of the time when its tied to a survey, the company that makes the survey bundle a crapware in the exe.

Trainer Mods

A trainer mod is kind of script mod help you spawn objects that you want to mod. So if you have a demand to spawn a modded car or get a modded gun, you must have a trainer first.

Graphical mod

“What is the difference between ENBs, SweetFX presets, and Reshade presets?”

ENB is more gta-specific, it can change the strength of lights, the distance in which they are rendered, and some other stuff like that. Reshade is a post-processing injector, with community shaders, SweetFX is actually a shader for Reshade, and the “normal” Reshade version comes with other shaders, you usually use both (ENB and Reshade/SweetFX) because like I said before, they do different things. And yes, they can be used together.

You can see GTA 5 best graphic mods

ASI loader, OpenIV and ScripthookV

What is GTA 5 ASI loader

ASI loader is typically a .dll file that you place into your game folder and will run all by itself once you start the game. Newest GTA V ASI Loader version is dinput8.dll. The ASI loader will load all the .asi files it finds automatically. ASI Loader can be downloaded with ScripthookV. So remove your mods is as simple as removing the ASI loader so the .asi files can no longer be loaded.

I have installed ScripthookV, do I need install OpenIV?

Yes, you still need to install OpenIV. There is an OpenIV.asi which is the middleman between the modded rpf and the game launching, without it the game won’t load the modded .RPF. Nêu chi co dinput8.dll, the game won’t load .RPF Mods (such as weapon and vehicle gta 5 mods) and cause the “corrupted game files” error.

GTA 5 Backup file?

Which files need to be backup?

– OpenIV acts as an explorer for those .RPF files inside GTAV directory. Usually, vehicle and weapon mods require you to replace a model, handling, etc. with a custom one. The “backup” is only required for .RPF files. They are update.rpf ; common.rpf ; weapons.rpf ; vehicles.rpf ; x64_.rpf ; dlc.rpf

– If you mess up something, you don’t have to reinstall whole game, just copy and paste backup files into the location where you got them. Alternatively, verifying game (both steam or retail) will return any modified or missing files back to vanilla.

After each updating, how the GTA 5 mod that I installed work?

– There are lot of basic tools would be affected by the update (script hook, trainers…). So all you need is wait for them to update and work with the current version. Depending on what is being updated (update.rpf file usually), it could cause a conflict that causes the game to crash. If you have mods\update\update.rpf, remove it and copy fresh one from update\update.rpf. And reapply the mods to the new one. Maybe you should make a log file [notepad] of all the mods you have installed, it’s then easier for you to add them back.

Can I get ban because of using mod?

Rockstar has officially declared not ban accounts using mod if only in part play offline. So what you need to do now is learn how to use the mod folder to mod a full effect.

How to mod safely without ban or malware hammer?

1. OpenIV’s “mod” folder feature or Mod Manager of Bilago.

2. Make a copy of the whole Grand Theft Auto V folder. The copy one is for mods. The original one is for online.

3. “JUST remove scripthook and then play online or do I have to uninstall EVERYTHING? On the other hand, do they switch off automatically?

Dinput8.dll gets loaded by GTA 5 which is modified so it loads scripthook.dll that then hooks on the script engine. So if you rename both scripthook and dinput8 DLLs or simply delete them, you should be fine.

You can see How to Mod GTA 5 100% Safe From Getting Ban

4. Some GTA 5 mods like graphics and handling will be perfectly secure as they only replace assets. Others might be based on e.g. Lua scripts, which should also be rather guarded; if nothing else, then because anyone can read and review the source. The main concern is for .ASI mods and .dlls. They on the other hand, are pretty much just .exe files which can do whatever they want, including installing malware/keyloggers etc. or giving the player so many advantages in online mode. So you will get ban. If you download them from trusted places, which have security checks, you should be good. The same applies for any ScriptHookDotNetV scripts ending in *.net.dll. There are also scripts where you can view the source, such as LUA scripts and DotNet scripts ending in .cs. If you can program and code review it, you should be able to analyze them for safety. Otherwise, trust on reviews and trusted website. Mods hosted on Github (the compiled versions from the repo) of which you can view the source code should be pretty safe too.

So… what next?

In general, the thriving development of GTA 5 community promises to offer many more mods that are highly developed in ideas and features. Be prepared to embrace the most wonderful mods which will be released in the near future by reading Unlimited GTA 5 Mod Guide.

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