How to improve GTA 5 PC Loading Times


“Does anyone here experience the uncomfortable feeling when waiting a long time for GTA Online to load? Of course you can get in the game; however, the long wait annoyed you (about 15-20 mins). Is there any unseen queue to sign in cause the huge amount of players all around the world?”

You are not the only one have to face this annoying situation. I sometimes get mad when waiting for the GTAV infinite loading time and all I want is getting my money back immediately. After a long time digging on the internet, I can say that the problems can come from either the processor or the internet connection; because not all the players have to wait to get into the game. There’re still some can go straight to the online mode in a minutes or two. In general, I will help you to clean up Hard Drive as well as bring you some tips to speed up the loading time.

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GTA 5 Online Loading Times

1. Defragment your Hard Drive

Defragmenting your hard drive will work wonder for your load times, in games, not in games, and even for your operating system. I recommend Defraggler, since it is free and works well for me. It takes a LONG time and you should only do it at night, leaving your computer on. It even has a “Shutdown after defragmentation”. How handy.

For those of you not trusting or just don’t want to spend as much time on it, you can use the one built into Windows. Just go to the drive’s properties and go to Tools. Though Windows Defragmenter is faster, it is less thorough and does not yield as good results. Still good enough though.

I am NOT responsible if you defragement a Solid State Drive (SSD) or a Flash Drive (thumb drive, usb drive, etc.). NEVER use a defragmenting program on a flash-storage based device. It will destroy any and all data and more importantly destroy the device itself. TL;DR: It won’t work anymore and anything on it will be gone. Also, do not defragment CD’s/DVD’s. (This includes Blu-Ray).

If you use Defraggler, I recommend doing this multiple times over the week until you are down to 1% or even 0% defragmentation. This is only possible if you turn on a setting similar to “Defragment on boot”, which defragments files it cannot when the system is running. These tend to be secure and protected Windows files that actually heavily affect performance when fragmented.

What is defragmenting?

Defragmenting is collecting all the parts of a file and putting them back together in one spot, closer to the center of the hard-drive platter. This creates significantly better load times since the needles in the hard drive will sooner get the necessary information, and won’t have to hunt it down among the other millions, billions, or even trillions of files on your computer. Basically it’s taking all the needles in a haystack and putting them by themselves in a pile.

I highly recommend defragging your hard drive often if you download files or move files very often. It will improve load times by a large margin. Fragmentation happens the most when downloading new files, though. Large games like GTA 5 and BF4 cause heavy fragmentation. I was once getting almost 3 minute load times in BF4, and when I defragged, cut it down to 30-60 seconds. 60 seconds was rare

2. Stay out of Steam Overlay

Stay out of Steam Overlay Shift+Tab menu. Steam Overlay pauses the game in a literal form. Do not use it when trying to load GTA 5, since the game code tells it to pause everything when it is pressed and enabled. This includes actions with loading. Loading will be paused.

3. Load into GTA 5 Storymode first, then into Online

This helps a lot, on every platform. Less unnecessary assets are loaded and the loading time is considerably improved.

Credit: Yoshi

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