How To Fix Problems With Gta 5 Mod Manager


This GTA 5 Installation Guide aims to list out the most common errors when using GTA V Mod Manager to manage your mods in GTA 5 especially how to install RPF Mods (such as car mods, weapon mods) with OpenIV.

“I downloaded Bilago’s Mod Manager and I watched the tutorial on how to use it and such. I go to install mods like the video said and they show up in the mod manager but they don’t work in game. How can I fix this?”

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Content Table

1. How to replace RPF file?
2. Why my Mod is not working?
3. Why is my Mod deleted?
4. Why can’t I go online when using Mod manager
5. What to do when the game automatically update the files I’ve just modded?
6. Can not log in social club
7. Edited RPF and vanilla at the same time
8. Map Editor with Mod Manager

1. How to replace RPF file?

The file I need to replace is graphics.ytd within GTA V/update/update.rpf/common/data. What can I do?
– Make a copy of update.rpf (in the same folder is fine) – let’s name it Update_Copy.rpf
– Use OpenIV to open the copy you just made
– Navigate the inside folder structure GTAV\update\Update_Copy.rpf\common\data
Drag and drop your modded graphics.ytd into this folder to replace the existing file
Save the RPF file.
– Open the mod manager and press “Import modded rpf
– For step 1, navigate and choose Update_Copy.rpf
– For step 2, navigate and choose the original Update.RPF file
– Give it the name of whatever mod you just installed
– Press Accept
– Delete update_copy.rpf from your game folder
If you want more than one mod to work at a time with the same RPF file you will need to put the modded files in the same file and import that – making separate RPFs for each mod that mods update.rpf for example, will only let you use one of those mods at a time.

2. GTA V Mod Not Showing Up?

Why are my Mods not showing? No mod appears?
– ASI mods have a dependency for scripthookv. Please install the latest version of Scripthookv first before trying to use the manager to load ASI mods.
– LUA mods have a dependency for the LUA Plugin. Please install the latest version of LUA Plugin first before trying to use the manager to load LUA mods.
– DLL mods have a dependency for scripthookvdotnet. Please install the latest version of that mod before trying to use the manager to load DLL/CS Mods.
– RPF mods have a dependency for OpenIV.asi. Please install the latest version of that mod before trying to use the manager to load RPF Mods.

Follow this steps, it will help
– Delete the mods folder in your documents and delete all mods from your game program folder.
– Start Up the Manager
– Press “File Mod Detection Enabled” Mode to switch to “Folder Mod Detection Enabled” Mode
– In the GTV Mod folder, place the following files: scripthookv.dll + dinput8.dll + nativetrainer.asi files (whatever trainer you want or have to use).
– Now you have all required files. Just find a mod you want, create a folder, give it the name of whatever mod you’ve just downloaded.
– Press “Reload
Your mods will appear in the manager.

3. What all my mods are deleted?

The manager purposefully removes/deletes all mods from your game directory that are not installed and checked in the manager. You’ve placed the mod folder inside GTA 5 games folder. That means the mod will delete itself if you enable “disable mods on exit” option. This option only deletes the MOD in the Game directory not the mods from the MOD folder located in GTAV mods Folder in My Documents, it’s the way it was designed. That’s the whole point. You don’t want to get banned by Rockstar if you accidentally open GTA online from Single Player.

If you turn off disable mods on exit Option, then it will deletes your mods, all mods are cleaned up from the GTA V program folder to prevent the issue of ghost symlinks being left by those who deletes without deactivating. You need to either store the RPF’s in the “mods” folder, or don’t use the delete mod feature in the manager and delete the files manually.

4. I can’t play online anymore

Pressing “Single Player” in the manager does the following:
Puts Social Club in offline mode by modifying commandline.txt
Add a firewall rule to block GTA5.exe from the internet
To undo those changes you just have to press “GTA:Online” in the manager.
If you want to do it manually, locate the commandline.txt file in your GTA5 program directory and remove the text : “-scOfflineOnly
To remove the firewall rule, open Windows firewall, go to Outbound, locate the rule called GTA5.exe and delete it.

5. GTA 5 Re-Download Itself?

Rockstar Launcher is attempting to re-updated the original RPF files I’m trying to mod. How do I stop this? Starts re-download …. always and that’s how the game automatically refreshes the game files.. any idea?

You’re installing the RPF files wrong. Look at this post for more details on how to set it up properly, use a new method to store modded RPFs (using the Mods folder). You need to stop modding your RPF files and use the import modded RPF wizard to manage it. Make sure you’re on the latest version of OpenIV and are using the latest OpenIV.ASI mod. There is also a setting in options to disable SC File verification. You can try using that setting as well.

6. I can’t log in Social Club again?

“Error: We were unable to fallback to offline…”

Disable SC Offline mode

7. Can I only run 1 version of a modified RPF file at a time in the Mod Manager?

1 – You can not use a edited RPF and vanilla at the same time.
2 – If have same RPF which has 2 car textures, just edit both cars in the same RPF
3 – If you want to separate them and only use 1 car, you need to edit the RPF separately, but you can use them both together as they will overlap each other, if you want to use Car A RPF but not Car B RPF, then don’t enable Car B RPF.
4 – You can use as many RPF mods, as long they don’t overwrite each other. You can’t edit a gun texture and car texture with the same RPF, and enable both in mod manager, if you want to use both, edit the RPF beforehand with both textures.

8. How to setup Map Editor folder with Mod Manager?
Map editor is a Dotnet Script.
Folder Mode =
* Dot Net NIB mods = C:UsersDocumentsGTAV ModsMOD NAMEscripts your mod goes here.dll
Now for the different Map editor mods
It’s an XML file. and the modder asks you to simply paste it in GTA folder, which means it doesn’t need any spl folder,
If you want to autoload them, he asks you to create a folder called Autoloadmaps in scripts folder
so just create a folder for the map MOD you downloaded and put your XML/INI files there.
Example :
* C:UsersDocumentsGTAV Mods ALL your map mods goes here.xml.
to Autoload
* C:UsersDocumentsGTAV Mods(Map Mod name)ScriptsAutoloadMaps xml.
* C:UsersDocumentsGTAV Mods(Enhanced Party Boat 1.3.5)ScriptsAutoloadMaps your XML file goes here.
* C:UsersDocumentsGTAV Mods(Highway Improvements v2)Scripts your XML file goes here.
or if you want to load everything when the game starts
* C:UsersDocumentsGTAV Mods(Custom Name)ScriptsAutoloadMaps all the map mods here.xml
Just enable Map editor for xml files and Simple native trainer for INI map mods along with the respective INI’s and XML files if you just want to enable all at once.

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