How to fix GTA 5 PC infinite loading time issues


When I start the game from steam, it launches just fine. Social club logs in with the launcher and the game boots up. However, when it gets to the “Loading Story Mode/Online” portion, GTAV just stuck at infinite loading…

With millions copies sold around the world, it can be easily realized that GTA V is one of the most popular games to the players, with many features including in the game as well as tons of moddings published everyday. Though, one of the most GTA 5 annoying problems players encounter is that the loading time into story mode of the game is somewhat like a century – too long to wait, and gamers are not patient enough for the 5-minute loading time. One common issue in this game is the infinite loading time into story mode, which means you stuck at the loading screen forever and can’t do anything but hit the Alt+F4 keys. It’s fucking ridiculous this issue isn’t even acknowledged by Rockstar. After researching for a while, I would recommend you guys to try some solutions below to fix that annoying issue. But first of all, we need to understand what would cause that stuck.

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Why GTA 5 has this ridiculous loading time

Basically, GTA V is such a “big” game, with 60gb consumed in your hard drive, and the game requires to load all the resources at once. Therefore, the loading time would be very long if your HDD is not fast enough.

How to fix GTA 5 infinite loading time issues

Back to our issue, there should be something causes the game not to load properly. It can be a corrupted file/savegame, or there are too much resources for the system to load, or simply your old HDD just can’t handle the task. So, these are my solutions to the problem:

1. Make sure you do some steps bellow

– Immediately after I restart, GTA V runs.
– Set GTA V priority to high: Run game as Administrator. During the “Loading Story Mode” alt-tab and go to task manager and set both GTA-V and GTA-V Launcher priority to high. (righ click on GTA-V and click go to process)
Video how to set GTA V to high in task manager

R* troubleshooting support

2. Our own music and GTAV loading time error

All GTA players should know that we can import our own music to the GTA library, so we can listen to our stuffs on the radio in your transportation. This is an amazing feature that Rockstars gave to us, but the consequence is not a comfortable experience: it will extend the loading time. Therefore, if you have thousand of custom songs, you should disable the options “auto scan for music” in the audio section of Settings to improve the loading time. While in game, enable it again to have your music back.

2. Corrupted file after GTAV update

It is likely to have a corrupted file in your games directory that would cause the problem. Most common corrupted files are custom music files and savegame files. My recommendation is that you should remove all of your custom music/savegame files and it would solve the problem. You can easily download savegame on the internet to continue playing through. If it cannot help, try to uninstall and reinstall the game.

Save game location C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Rockstar Games\GTA V\savegames

You also can take a look at How to boost your loading time which is help me a lot at the first time I had this suck problem. You also may want to see The Fixes All General GTA 5 PC Issues to prevent some coming problems.

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