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Hi guy, after 2 articles about GTA 5 basic to advanced tutorials and OpenIV, as I’ve promised, today I will write a tutorial for using basic Mod Manager for beginners. The purpose of this article is to help you understand how Mod Manager work and how you can use it to manage mods, so that mod for GTA V in PC will work more effectively and safely.
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Why I should know about GTA 5 Mod Manager PC

  1. People who have installed the basic mod and want to try more mods at the same time (Mod Manager can provide this feature, but it depends on whether the two mods you wanna try are conflict or not).
  2. People who are new to GTA 5 mod can be a little embarrassed at the first use, but if you read this article carefully, I bet that you can use Mod Manager to manage all the mods in a safe and effective way when playing online mode.

Content Table
1. How Mod Manager works?
2. How to setting Mod Manager?
3. Install basic mods with Mod Manager
4. Install any mod with Mod Manager (Add more mods if you want)

1. How Mod Manager works?

What is GTA 5 mod manager?

Mod manager doesn’t actually mod GTA 5. You will still need Scripthook and OpenIV to play with mods. This just stores all your mods outside of the game directory and enables them only when you want to play single player.

Mod Manager keeps the mods in a separate folder and replaces the stock files with the nodded ones when you launch single player from the manager. It also blocks the firewall so the game won’t report mod usage. Of course, this means you’ll have to use up a bit more disk space; about a gig or so.

How GTA 5 mod manager work?

It’s not difficult to understand how mod manager works, but as I read on reddit or Steam, I found that people usually made very silly mistakes. I mean people who don’t know anything about mod can easily have trouble with very silly error which those who understand computer and modding will never have to face. To avoid making mistakes, you should take time to read these useful information. Believe me, the quicklier you want to control GTA 5, the more errors you can have.

Mod manager does not just simply place the mod files into the created GTAV mods folder. You must put each mod in its own unique folder in the mods directory. So if you were to install a mod called “More Cars” , you would create a folder called “More Cars” within the “GTAV Mods” folder and place all the related mod files within. Make sure that inside the new “More Cars” folder you follow the folder structure of the mod.

This is how it works when being divide into 2 separate folder like that. When you sign in the game (with Mod Manager is running), it will send your mod files into the root game directory, when you turn off the game or turn it into the Online mode, all mod files will automatically remove, which ensures your full game clean without no sign of using the mod.

Mod manager and OpenIV are absolutely different. Mod Manager is use for managing the mod, while OpenIV is use for editting .RPF files, you can not install cars with the GTAV Mod Manager. You must install them using a OpenIV and use this mod manager to enable and disable mods.

2. How to setting Mod Manager?

1. Download Mod Manager
2. Create a GTAV Mods folder and put GTAV Mod Manager.exe in there.
– It doesn’t matter whether you use the name GTAV Mods or not. You can use any name for this folder.
– The Mod Manager folder is stored on the same hard drive as the game folder.
3. First Time Setup

Installation Path: link folder the original game.
Game version: buy game from steam or from R* . If you don’t choose it correctly, it can cause error in game.
Mod Storage Location: link to folder Mod Manager that you’ve just download from step 2.
Disable Mods On Exit: choose Enable. You won’t have to use the mod manager to start your game to make sure mods are disabled when you go online.
Click Accept, from there you will be sent to the main page of the app.

Options menu under (Setup Wizard), File Mod Detection Enabled change to Folder Mod Detection Enabled, and close.

3. Setting GTA 5 basic tools

The basic mods here include: OpenIV, ScriptHookV, ScriptHookVdotNet, LUAPlugin, Map Editor, Trainer etc.

1. Create a folder for each tools and send the setup file to them.
2. For some tools, after creating a new folder, you can add one more folder inside it. In this case, just install paths
3. Now, when you click Reload button, you can see all basic mod folders that you’ve created (You must set Folder Mod Detection instead of File Mod Detection)

C:\Users\Documents\GTAV\Mods\GTAV Mod Manager.exe

RageHook = GTAV ModsRageHook LSPDFR = GTAV\Mods\LSPDFRplugins\LSPDFR.dll

To get that OpenIV.asi file: Right-clicking on OpenIV shortcut → Open file location → type OpenIV.asi into the windows search bar (make sure that “View hidden files and folders” is selected) then hit copy.

If any folder doesn’t exist, just create one.

4. Install any mods with Mod Manager

– To install one particular mod, just create one folder for that mod and follow the folder structure of the mod. For example

With ASI, LUA, .NET mods

ASI MODS = GTAV\ Mods\ModName\ModFile.Asi
Native Trainer = …GTAV\Mods\NativeTrainer\Nativetrainer.asi

LUA MODS = ….GTAV\ModsMod\NameScripts\Addins\ModFile.lua
Parkour Mod = GTAV ModsParkourScriptsAddinsagu_parkour.lua

.Net(DLLcsvb) MODS = GTAV \Mods\ModName\scripts\ModFile.dll

RPF mods (Car mods, weapon mods)

.RPF MODS = \GTAV\Mods\ModName\mods\ModFile.rpf
Let’s say you want to install Pinnacle of V mod with Mod Manager. You need to create Pinnacle_of_V folder inside Mod Manager, use OpenIV edit .RPF files as normal. Then cut & paste OPENIV “MOD” FOLDER into Pinnacle_of_V folder. After paste mods folder, you have paths:

– …GTAV \ModsPinnacle_of_V\mods\x64a.rpf
– …GTAV \ModsPinnacle_of_V\mods\x64e.rpf
– …GTAV \ModsPinnacle_of_V\mods\x64i.rpf
– …GTAV \ModsPinnacle_of_V\mods\update\update.rpf
– …GTAV \ModsPinnacle_of_V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday3ngdlc.rpf
– …GTAV \ModsPinnacle_of_V\mods\x64\audio\sfx\resident.rpf
– …GTAV \Mods\Pinnacle_of_V\mods\x64\audio\sfx\weapons_player.rpf

When open the game, you have to select Mod that you want to play and all the essential tools for that mod.

For example: If you want to play Parkour Mod, you need to select 2 folders: LUAPlugin Folder, Parkour Folder. Then choose Single Player to play game.

Finally, if you get any problems when installing, just leave a post (comment) below, and we will help.

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