Awesome GTA 5 Must-Have Mods List 2016 with installation


Honestly I have had many difficulties in really enjoying GTA 5, and you?

“The GTA 5 physics seems to be downgraded from GTA IV (driving is more arcade-ish, momentum of your character is not conserved on a motorcycle, sometimes you die the moment your bike makes contact with a low-barrier…) while the GTA O is full of cheaters, loading screens takes forever, the mechanism of weapons lacks balance, etc. So I can only continue playing if GTA 5 has one of the mods that can solve these problems. So according to y’all, which mods should I download for GTA 5? And I’d appreciate it if you could show me the installation instruction too!

This user’s request has been met when an enthusiastic user of reddit named Blackout who has given detailed instruction in his post The list of must have GTA 5 mods. Let’s find out what these mods are and how to install them without hurting GTA 5 performance!

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– If our guidance is good for you, do not hesitate to comments and show any problems, we’ll by our best to help you out. was founded only with one single purpose is to become where the community can find useful information and really enjoy GTA 5.

GTA 5 Mods List 2016

1. GTA 5 Basic mods
2. GTA 5 Visual Mod – Realism Dispatch Enhanced
3. GTA 5 Police Mod – Realism series

1. Scripthook – scripthookvdotnet – OpenIV- ENB

Scripthook and Native Trainer

– Download Scripthook and Native Trainer.
– You now have a native trainer.
– You should start your game to be sure it works. Press F4 in game to bring up the menu. Use your number pad to navigate. 8 is up 2 is down 6 is left 4 is right 5 is enter.
– You can now have all the guns online has even the heavy revolver.
– You can also spawn in low riders with working hydraulics. (Faction is one if you don’t know)
– You can turn on god mod, give yourself money, Spawn in cars, change time, weather, gravity, and so much more. Every cheat you can think of is there. Explore the menu.

– Now download scripthookvdotnet
– Install by putting all the files into your main GTA V directory just like you did with ScripthookV
– Now create a new folder in your GTA V directory and name it “scripts” you will need this folder later.


Download OpenIV here
– Start OpenIV and select “Grand theft auto V” for Windows. Make sure it finds your GTAV files (in your Steamapps/common folder) and is ready to go.
– In OpenIV select “tools” along the bar at the top. Then scroll down to .ASI loaders and install them both/all.
– Close OpenIV.


Download ENB 0275 here
– Unzip this file and copy then paste all files from the “wrapper” folder into your main GTA V directory.
– Start your game and you should see a message in the upper left saying ENB started.
Success – Exit game..

2. VisualV and Realism Dispatch Enhanced


Download VisualV
– Extract it to your desktop.
– Open it and find the folder named “Installation via mod package”
– Open the “Installation via mod package” folder and drag VisualV.OIV to your desktop.
– Run OpenIV again and and push the button that has blue red and green in it, called Package installer
– While in package installer Navigate to your desktop and locate the VisualV.OIV file you put on your desktop.
– Select install/open. You should see a green screen saying it installed correctly.
– Now go back to the VisualV download where you found VisualV.OIV and double click the optionals folder.
– Now double click on the ENB settings folder
– Now select all the files in this folder by left clicking on the bottom file to highlight it, now while holding left shift use your up arrow key to highlight all the files in that folder.
– Now right click on all the files and select copy (make sure you copy all files and the enbseries folder”
– Now navigate to your main Grand Theft Auto V directory (hint it’s in your steamapps\common folder)
– Highlight the folder “Grand Theft Auto V” then right click on it and select “paste
– It will ask you if you want to overwrite, say yes to everything.
Done with visuals!

Start your game and see how it looks (the change will be subtle). Use your trainer (F4) to change the time of day and weather to see how your game looks. If you are not happy see my other guide to modding any graphics mod you would like. (link below).

Realism Dispatch Enhanced

– Now download Realism Dispatch Enhanced (RDE)
– When you unzip this file you will find a file called RDE Added Models (Recommended) OIV
– Drag this file onto your desktop (just like you did with the VisualV file)
– Now start OpenIV and push the button that has blue red and green in it called Package installer
– Then navigate to your desktop to find the file called “RDE Added Models (Recommended) OIV
– Select open then install. You should see the same green screen saying it was successful.

– Be sure you have everything installed you need to get RDE to run: ScripthookV, Scripthook.NET, Microsoft frame work, Visual C++. If that fails you can either delete your “mods” folder if you used that and start again, or use your back-up copy of GTA V and start again.
– Now with the new up-date you have to do the following
Everybody that is crashing on the newest patch – Install the RDE normally with OIV Package Manager. You will need to replace the gameconfig.xml in update.rpf/common/data with the one provided in this mediafire download (depending on what version of RDE you have installed match the version to the gameconfig file you install).
– Start OpenIV and press the “Edit” button. Now navigate to Update.rpf\Common\data and you will see a file in there named gameconfig.xml. If you see that file you are in the right place. Now press the green plus sign and navigate to where you downloaded the file, match it to the version you installed and select “open”


3. GTA 5 Police Mod

Below is the description to all the changes you just made. It’s A LOT. But I can tell you this. One of the best parts is this mod will make the police match the threat. Basically if you punch someone in the face and get a single star a single cop will show up, people have to actually report crimes by calling the police on their phones and you can see them doing this. If you kill the caller cops will not come. Police will now match the threat. I you use a mini gun a juggernaut will show up, if you hop in a buzzard the cops will dispatch an attack helicopter, if you hop in a tank the will dispatch a tank. This and so much more. Read on to see what’s new in your freshly modded GTAV.

This mod is part of the GTA Realism series: (Content in RDE 2.2 is not currently in GTA Realism but will be soon!)

GTA Realism

This is the first series of many to come and is dedicated to those who simply want an incredible dispatch and not the whole GTA Realism mod.

RDE: Best lore-friendly models and textures, all compatible and in one easy to install package, coupled with enhanced AI and an extended dispatch system.

Script Requirements:
1. Install latest version of ScriptHookV
2. Download and install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015
3. Install the latest version of ScriptHookVDotNet

Updated 2/11/2016
Credit: Black Out

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