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I decided to compile all the tips and tricks that I’ve found across Reddit sub and elsewhere for the less than common tweaks. I’m not going to include stuff like lower your graphics, obviously, you’ll have to tinker with that yourself.

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So, here goes:

Increase pagefile, by /u/kalesthenewbacon
This is a fairly simple thing to do and helps out because GTAV just loves using the pagefile even if you have a lot of RAM taking up a lot of RAM leaving no space for your background applications running (thanks /u/ChaosDuckDK). I can’t find the original thread that I found this in, if you’re the guy who figured it out let me know I’ll edit it in.
The steps:
Control Panel -> System -> Advanced
In the “advanced” tab, find “performance”, and click “properties/settings”
Click advanced in the window that opens.
“Virtual memory” -> “Change”
Here is when it gets complicated. GTAV will use the page file that is on the disk it’s installed for, if there is one. If there isn’t, it will use the system page file. So if you have GTAV installed on a different partition/disk, make sure to create a new page file on the partition GTAV is installed.
Either way, the pagefile on your system is probably determined automatically. Instead, enter manual values. There are two: the “initial” size and the maximum size. Set your “initial” size to what is the “system recommended settings” and the maximum size to double of your RAM – so if you have 8192MB of RAM, set it to 16384 MB. If you have GTAV on a non-system partition, you can keep the system pagefile as it is and just create a new one with these values on the partition where GTAV is.

RAM fixes, by /u/rarest_pepe and /u/Syncfx
I’ve put these together as they are related. The simpler thing is: if you have two (or more) sticks of RAM, check your motherboard’s manual for how to set them up properly for Dual Channel function. It’s entirely possible that you plugged them in “wrong” and they are running in Single Channel, lowering performance. It has to do with simply which slots they are using (maybe you’re using slots 1 and 2, because it seemed logical, but for Dual Channel you need to use 1 and 3).
Second thing is the Memory speed, which is also determined by the motherboard, but this time, via BIOS. First, what you need to do:
Download CPU-Z
Install it, start it and take a look at the Memory tab, “DRAM Frequency”
Compare it to the advertised frequency of your manufacturer.
The value in DRAM Frequency should be HALF of what your advertised frequency is (this is because DDR means Double, or something. Doesn’t matter)
If it is lower than half, restart your computer, go into BIOS
Now, depending on the settings you currently have, you need to change it. For me, it was “Automatic”. I set it manually to my advertised speed but that didn’t help for some reason – the detected frequency in CPU-Z only slightly increased, but not to the correct one. But my BIOS had an option to enable “XMP”, which is another automatic profile (but better, apparently) and that helped it. Now my RAM is running at the speed it’s supposed to!

For Nvidia/Geforce Experience users by /u/Anal-Cheese (nice username mate)
This has been all over Reddit recently, even in other gaming subs, but I’ll keep it in – as it turns out, even if you don’t have an Nvidia Shield, the Geforce Experience software is constantly ready to stream to it and is taking performance off of your CPU. So, you should disable that if you don’t use the Shield. How?
Go to Start, search “services”, open them
Find “Nvidia Streamer Service”, disable it, change Startup Type to Disabled
Reboot your computer otherwise it won’t take effect.
Fairly simple tweak.

Windows Priority tweak by /u/AssSombrero (another great username) and /u/Goftrey
GTA seems to greatly benefit by this tweak. It increased my FPS by 10, just this fix alone. This is the standard thing that probably many of you already do for games anyway – go to task manager, set priority to High, etc. Warning: NEVER EVER set anything to “real time” unless you know what you’re doing. Which you probably don’t. What you can also do, is set the Rockstar Social Club overlay’s priority to low, as well as GTALauncher’s priority to low. They hog up resources uselessly.
Well, /u/AssSombrero actually made a .bat file that sets this for you automatically on game-startup. Thanks to him, and thanks to /u/bilago we now know that while simple, it is an outdated and pointless method. His method of creating a .REG file for Windows is easier and ensures all processes start the correct way, and it works for all version – Steam or Rockstar Social Club.

Open up notepad
Enter the following code:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionImage File Execution OptionsGTA5.exePerfOptions]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionImage File Execution Optionsgtavlauncher.exePerfOptions]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionImage File Execution Optionssubprocess.exePerfOptions]

Save the file, rename it to .reg instead of .txt
Run the file once, as an admin, Windows will ask you if you want to add it to the registry. Yes you do.
You can delete the .reg file afterwards.

Thanks! I’m keeping the old method here in case the REG file doesn’t work for someone or they don’t want to mess around with it for any reason (there is no reason, this is completely safe). If you use /u/bilago’s method you can just start GTAV however you normally do it.

Open up notepad
Enter the following code:

start steam://rungameid/271590
timeout 60
wmic process where name=”GTA5.exe” CALL setpriority “high priority”
wmic process where name=”gtavlauncher.exe” CALL setpriority “idle”
wmic process where name=”subprocess.exe” CALL setpriority “idle”

Save the file, and change its filetype to .bat instead of .txt
(if you have Steam) Start Steam, and run the .bat file when you want to launch the game instead of starting it through Steam
What this does is, it starts GTAV, waits 60 seconds (so everything loads etc), then sets the priorities accordingly. WORKS GREAT. Can really improve FPS and alleviate a lot of stuttering.

Disk install for Rockstar Social Club/GTAV by /u/TeenNinjaTurtle
A simple tweak – if you have RSSC and GTAV on different drives/partitions, make sure to move one or the other so that they are on the same disk. This seems to alleviate problems for a lot of people. Obviously, if you have an SSD, the best option is to have both on SSD as that alleviates load times like hell.
If you guys have any other tips that are non-intuitive and not common sense but seem to work you with the performance, feel free to share below, I’ll add it. Maybe we can get one of the mods to put this into a link somewhere on the right so people don’t have to look for tweaks one by one.
If you need help moving the RSSC to the same drive your GTAV is, please check this post by my dog magician Bilago to see how to move it and then add a “link” on the old drive to the new drive so your stuff doesn’t get messed up.

Remove custom radio tracks AND RESCAN by /u/MordecaiWalfish
This is a good, simple point – a lot of people reported stuttering/bad performance due to the custom “Self Radio”. A lot of people’s first choice to fix that would often be to just delete the MP3s and turn off scanning. But after you’ve deleted the MP3s, as /u/MordecaiWalfish notes, make sure to perform a FULL SCAN so the game realizes there’s no custom music and doesn’t try to play it. Especially true for people with low-speed HDDs or old HDDs.

If your game crashes when you try to aim out of a car/bike by /u/steak21
Enable the “Landing Page” in Menu -> Options -> Saving and Startup. You probably have it disabled and it is caused by this.

Performance/stuttering issues around grass
The word on the streets is that if you get performance issues mainly around a lot of tall grass, you should disable MSAA. Apparently, grass quality does not affect this as much as MSAA. This makes sense, because MSAA basically renders the scene multiple times at the same time and then works the jaggies away by supersampling the scene on top of each other (or something). If you face this issue but still hate aliasing as we all do, you can enable FXAA through your graphics card control panel which seems to work just fine.

My first gold, tables are being flipped Thank you!!

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