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Therefore, I had a chance to sell in a Cavalcade at LSC and that I recognized one thing was that I could add a sound system in the back of it but it didn’t make a new fucking effective result. As a result, I’m wondering whether I missed some important steps to modify the unique body of my babie. Below that is the list that I have and please add more if you know or tell us what kind of car customization options you wanna see in GTA.

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Content table
1. List of Unique Body Modifications for Cars
2. GTA 5 cars/vehicles allow a roll-cage or roll-cage/chassis upgrade
3. GTA 5 vehicles list can be modified

1. List of Unique Body Modifications for Cars

Cavalcade: upgraded sound system in back (subwoofers, amp, etc)
Bodhi: Bull horns to hood and roof. Headlight covers
Sand King XL: Unique roll cage in truck bed. Camper shell
Rebel (rusty version): Several trophy/baha truck bed mods. Nets for windows
Rat Loader: Shortened truck bed. Unique grill. Unique exhaust options. Non-chrome bug catcher intakes
Dubsta: Several off road mods. Tire on hood. Snorkle. spare tire on back.
Sultan: WRX style hood intake. Tachometer added to dash
Sabre Turbo: Several unique muscle car mods. Roll cage with NOS tank. Painted from and rear bumpers. Side shot exhaust
Phoenix: High rise spoiler. Glass T-Tops
Ruiner: Very tall blunderbuss style exhaust
Futo: Also has very tall blunderbuss style exhast
Peyote: Cowl induction hood. Painted/chrome spare tire. Curb feelers. zebra seat covers. Los Santos plaquered
Tornado: Unique bumbers. Hood ornaments. Unique exhaust options.
Manana: Has some low rider mods similar to the Peyote
Bagger: Remove saddle bags. Remove Fairing
Youga: Can add overhead camper modification
Asea: Stickerbomb modifications to bumper, fenders, hood, and roof

2. GTA 5 cars/vehicles allow a roll-cage or roll-cage/chassis upgrade

Here are the cars/vehicles that I know allow a roll-cage or roll-cage/chassis upgrade:
Annis Elegy RH8
Benefactor Schwartzer
Bravado Youga
Bravado Buffalo (single-player, Franklin’s only)
Canis Bodhi (exterior rollcage)
Declasse Sabre Turbo
Declasse Vigero
Inverto Coquette
Karin Futo
Karin Rebel (exterior rollcage)
Karin Sultan
Maibatsu Penumbra
Pegassi Vacca
Pfister Comet
Ubermacht Sentinel XS
Ubermacht Zion
Vapid Sandking (exterior rollbar)

3. GTA 5 vehicles list can be modified

NOTE for Online: All Sports and Super cars must be bought from the online store to be repaired, modded, tracked, and insured (owned).

Nearly all Military, Emergency, (Bi)Cycles, Utility, Industrial, Commercial and Service vehicles may not be modified or repaired. All other vehicles may have their 11 or 12 categories of parts (or more) changed including their armor, choice of 3 different acceleration-boosting options, window tint, etc. and maybe a couple more, but the list below is for the cars with more than a couple of mods. Cabrio versions of cars generally have no visual mods.

Vehicles with 10+ visual modifications to choose from:

GTA 5 Sports Cars Modifications

Invetero Coquette (Online Buyable)
Karin Sultan
Karin Futo
Schyzter Fusilade
Maibatsu Penumbra
Ubermacht Sentinel XS
Benefactor Schwartzer (Online and Story Buyable)
Franklin’s Custom Bravado Buffalo
Annis Elegy RH8 (R* Social Club Signup Bonus Car in Story and Online Garage)

GTA 5 Muscle Modifications

Declasse Sabre Turbo
Imponte Ruiner
Imponte Phoenix
Rat-Loader (Old Pickup Truck with Junk in the trunk)
Declasse Vigero (Online and Story Buyable)


Canis Bodhi (Trevor’s has a few extra bumper options)
Vapid Sandking XL (Online and Story Buyable)
Vapid Sandking SWB (2 seat Version)


Ubermacht Zion, Coupes (Online and Story Buyable)
Ocelot Jackal, Coupes (note: it’s a sedan)
Obey Tailgater, Sedan Western Bagger (Most customizable American Style Motorcycle in the game)
Albany Manana, Sports Classics
Vapid Peyote, Sports Classics
Benefactor Dubsta, SUVs

Vehicles with 5 to 9 visual mods to choose from:


Grotti Cheetah (Online and Story Buyable)
Overflod Entity XF (Online and Story Buyable)
Pegassi Vacca (Online and Story Buyable)
Coil Voltic


Benefactor Feltzer (Online and Story Buyable)
Obey 9f (Online and Story Buyable)
Pfister Comet (Cheat Car; Online and Story Buyable)
Bravado Banshee (Online and Story Buyable)
Benefactor Surano (Story Buyable)
Bravado Buffalo (The standard, not Franklin’s)
Dewbauchee Rapid GT (Cheat Car; Online Buyable)


Lampadati Felon (Online Buyable; note: it’s a sedan)
Ubermacht Zion Cabrio (Online Buyable)


Gallivanter Baller (Older Model)
Albany Cavalcade
Benefactor Serrano


Truffade Z-Type, Sports Classics
Karin Rebel, Off-Road
Vapid Dominator, Muscle
Albany Buccaneer, Muscle
sh*tzu PCJ 600, Motorcycles (Cheat Motorcycle; Online and Story Buyable)
Western Daemon, Motorcycles
Pegassi Ruffian, Motorcycles (Online Buyable)
Karin Intruder, Sedans
Weeny Issi, Compact (Online and Story Buyable)
Notes about Un-moddable and Un-repairable Vehicles:
All Military, Emergency, (Bi)Cycles, Utility, Industrial, Commercial, and Service vehicles, generally, cannot be modified or repaired.


BF Dune Buggy
Nagasaki Blazer (4-wheel ATV; Online and Story Buyable)


Dundreary Stretch (Cheat Limo; Online Buyable)


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