Common Issues when installing GTA 5 Mods


“Why are there many problems when Installing GTA 5 Mod? I’m asked to sign in to the Social Club every time I launch the game, fucked up DRM”

GTA 5 Car mods doesn’t work!? I can’t find the “dlcpacks” folder? GTA V mod manager does not load .dll mods? I have watched numerous videos about how to install this on youtube, but no matter how many times I try or what new way I find, the game crashes every time I try to run it through the launcher etc. It seems like we have a lot GTA 5 Mod Install Errors, so make sure you read most of the fixes to prevent coming errors

– It is best to add mods one at a time so this way you know which one might be causing the crash, then after that you can add them all at once when you know they work and play nice together.

– You should add this to bookmark so that you can read it again or send it to your friends anytime you want. Beside, this FAQ Mod Installation will be up to date weekly to help newbie keep up with some news problems which are always come up after GTA V Update.

– I recommend using Mod Manager too manage various mods at once in simple few clicks, as well as avoid conflicts between mods. This can also prevent being banned from GTA Online as you miss out some mod files.

– If our tips are good for you, do not hesitate to comments and show any problems, we’ll by our best to help you out. was founded only with one single purpose is to become where the community can find useful information and really enjoy GTA 5.

Content Table
1. Game re-update, re-download itself
2. Corrupt game data
3. GTA 5 crash after modding
4. GTA V mod not showing up
5. Game memory error

Ok, let’s fix all these issues!

1. GTA V re-update, re-download itself after install mod

GTA 5 Start Redownload, updating vanilla version automatically after modding. After it finishes doing this it has deleted all of the changes I had made…

Mods that edit the common.rpf folder in the gta v directory won’t be able to bypass the update check that the launcher uses. Just turn off your internet before you launch the game or use “Mods” Folder feature. By using the mods folder, you leave all the base files alone so then it does not auto up-date and write over them each time. For example, if you want to replace a car in x64e.rpf, first you must take a copy of the entire x64e.rpf file and and place it in your “mods” folder then alter it there. The .asi loader that OpenIV installs tells GTA V to the files from the mods folder first then to the main files so you do not need to copy every file in the GTA V directory only those you want to alter/change.

How to turn off internet: go to commandline.txt (inside folder game) and adds -scOfflineOnly. If it is not there create a text file with that name and paste the commands you want to use in it.

2. GTA 5 Corrupt game data when mod installed

Corrupt game data, Every time I install a mod, I get “corrupt game data”

Try these steps:
STEP 1: Download OpenIV and install it (Instructions in the download link)
STEP 2: Open OpenIV, select GTA 5 directory.
STEP 3: Go to tools on the top left, go to ASI Manager. Now you need to install the 2 files, which are ASI Loader and OpenIV.asi
STEP 4: Try opening GTA 5 and see if problem is fixed. Good Luck 😀

Here’s the full instruction.

3. Game crash after modding

“Hey guys, on my laptop ant PC when I install few vehicles mods after 10-15 minutes of game play GTA V just crashes to dekstop? Do you have same issue or only it happening to me?”

There are lot of basic mods would be affected by the update (script hook and trainers). So all you need is wait for them to update and work with the current version. Depending on what is being updated, it could cause a conflict that causes the game to crash.

If you have mods\update\update.rpf remove it and copy fresh update.rpf from \update\update.rpf. And reapply the mods to the new one. Maybe you should make a log file [notepad] of all the mods you have installed, it’s then easier for you to add them back.

You do not need to rebuild every single time. You should take a look at How to use OpenIV to install GTA 5 Mod

4. Modded Files won’t load in game, mod does not work…

– Make sure you have latest version of GTA 5, OpenIV, ScriptHookV or ScriptHook.NET LUAplugin or RAGE Plugin Hook as well as Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.2 and Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 x64 installed.

– If a mod don’t activate in the game this means you didn’t install those required tools correctly. Read the readme.txt again and make sure you’re editing right location and folder structure. If you dont know what is structure, you should read How To Install A GTA 5 Car Mod and see how they work and cause your mod not showing. You also can check asi loader log file or scripthookdotnet log file and see if there are any error messages. Some issues may come from your mod are installing, perhaps they are not updated to work with the latest version of scripthook?

– The GTA 5 update would affect the mods, Well, every update destroyed mods. Yeah, remember: mods + update= no mods LMAO.

5. Out of memory, game memory error

You are using small valid car to use it in your gta v and if this car doesn’t support your game, you are going to meet a problem with memory and your game will lag.

Virtual memory would fix this problem of Out of memory. Watch here.

You can see more How to fix common problems with OpenIV and Mod Manager

Last updated: 11/4/2016

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