Can I play Grand Theft Auto 5 without the Internet connection?


If your connection is absolutely horrible (random drops), play GTA 5 offline mod is an option. But you may have to deal with the fact that offline mode stopped working, you are no longer able to play GTA V – It is DRM – needs internet connection to activate.

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1. You can play GTA 5 without the Internet connection

– You should be able to play offline once you’ve activated and signed in with Social Club. After signing in social club at the first time, you can play Story Mode without accessing the Internet to sign it anymore.

– GTA 5 Offline Mode can be played few weeks unless you “REACTIVATE” the game via going online.
“I unplugged my ethernet cable (so no more internet on my computer), started GTA5, and the social club just told me that he is not online. But I still have an option to play offline.”

2. How to start GTA 5 offline mode?

Steam Version
Connecting Steam Network is an important thing to you test each of the games if you wanna use in Offline Mode and at least once you must set up your account and configure Offline Mode on your machine.

– Steam → general tab → set launch options → a launch options window open with → type -scOfflineOnly into → Ok to it’s entry.
– Or Adding “-scOfflineOnly” (without quotes) into your commandline.txt file inside game main game folder.
– Shut down the game and return to Steam once you have confirmed that the game can be played and there are no further updates to download. Make sure the Remember my password box on the login window is checked. To verify that all game files are completely updated – you can see the update status for a game under the Library section.

Rockstar version
– Add “-scOfflineOnly” (without quotes) into commandline.txt (placed in the GTA V root directory) if you have the retail version.

Video show use how to deal withcommandline.txt

2. Offline without the Internet not always work!

Social runs checks to verify your own game frequently and you need to connect the Internet again to be able to go on with your playing offline. Extremely Dumb setup! You can have several social club offline problem such as:

Errors 1: I get an error message, asking me to go online to activate my game.
Errors 2: “We were unable to fallback to offline sign in because you have not previously signed in on this machine. Offline play is only available for accounts that have previously signed in on this machine while connected to the internet and while Social Club Services are available. It also states: Sign in is currently limited to saved accounts. Please connect to the internet to access all services.”
Therefore, Rockstar decided to launch a program called “periodic entitlement verification”. In fact, it means you’ll be randomly asked to “verify” your game rightly by connecting to a rockstar server. It also means if launch the game without the Internet connection, it will not always ask you.
See more about that structure here

3. How to fix social club errors

Here are some ways I see that some guys use to limit the requirement of Internet connection when playing GTA 5, you can check it out and tell me if you have another way to play GTA 5 without enternet.
1. So, go to the GTA Folder. And create a notepad called: “command line”. Next write “-scOnlineOnly” and Save. Play the game. (If you are using mod folder or Mod Manager, it may cause SC Errors).

2. Hots file

3. Reset Internet Protocol

4. Changed the date back a week, restarted computer, and the game opened up as normal!

Since you are not online all the time, there is something you can try once you are able to play offline again. Keep turning your PC’s date/time back to keep it within a couple of calendar days of when you were online last. As far as I know, your PC’s clock[time and date] is the only way Social Club software can track how long it’s been since you played the game online last. I have no way of knowing if that will work but, in your situation, it’s worth a try

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