Best GTA 5 PC Car Mods To Download


This GTA 5 Car Mods List enables you not to miss anything related to GTA 5 cars session, which is the part that is the hottest part in GTA 5 Mod.

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Content Table
1 – Type of GTA 5 Car Mods?
2 – Which GTA 5 Car Mods should I download first?
3 – Why my GTA V car mod does not work?
4 – Some useful links of GTA 5 Cars

1. What types of GTA 5 car mods?

There are 3 main types: model mods, handling mods and texture mods. In general, all modders nowadays focus on model mods, however, the most outstanding mods of this range are handling mods and texture mods.

GTẠ Model Car Mods – its mechanism is that a modder will add on or replace modded files of one range of cars in reality for one in-game GTA Cars. You can call this mod gta 5 real car mods, as you can see there are many famous car brands injected to game such as BMW, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lotus or GTA 5 car mods. These GTA 5 rare vehicles will now spawn naturally in single player.

GTA 5 handling mods – exactly like its name, the mods is inclined to adjustment (tweak) the car figures like the brake, the speed and the accuracy (handle) which help change completely driving experience of this game

GTA 5 texture mods for cars OR paint job mods – some types of texture mods, it seems that these men like to change the car colors like women like to change the dresses.

2. Best GTA 5 car mods to download

Some popular GTA 5 car mods such as Lamborghini, Cannon or Killatomate’s Realistic Handling V have been talked about for a while but there are a few on here that you’ve never seen before.

You may be surprised by bellow mods:

– GTA 5 Texture mods like YCA Add-on Car Pack – It features a very decent variety of popular car mods as one DLC add on. You can consider an other gta 5 model mods such as 2015 BMW F82 M4 (Fully Tunable / Add-On) which is really awesome car. If you prefer GTA 5 real car mod, you can take a look at “Real World Vehicle Names Plus Real Weapon Names” by darkmage1991, he is using Menyoo trainer to spawn his list.

– And the most important part – best car physics/handling mod for GTA 5 PC: beside Killatomate’s Realistic Handling V, you also can download GTA Realism a HUGE list of improvements with just one easy file replace (MIC) which I’m inmediately felt in love.

Realistic Top Speed and Acceleration (All vehicles included) by brunodrl94 is a good choise if you are a big fan of topspeed.

3. “GTA V car mod does not work – what the hell is that?”

If you are new at modding and don’t know how to install correctly, you might suffer quite many errors. For instance, Mods does not work, car does not appear or more worse thing which is game crash at the start, etc. Welcome to PC world 20% OMG and 80% WTF lol. Do you believe that I intended to throw away this game several times because of the error when installing. You don’t need to worry because I have spent a large amount of time to understand how it work and each time you suffer the error you‘ll learn one new thing about PC world.

ok, to limit the errors, you should read this guide How to install a car mod and Common problems GTA 5 mod installation. After reading, you can go to the list of best GTA 5 car to download mod that you want, install them. You can watch this Add – on install method:

If the errors still appear, ask immediately below that mod. Every mod always have the place for you to send the questions or recommendations. It helps save your time and make everything more effective.

If you want to read something more detailed in your free time, you can refer to GTA 5 Mods – Basic to advanced modding tutorial.

4. GTA V funny stuff list
Beside the desire for single mod, I also get into many other things regarding to cars, hence I think this list might be useful for you when you want to find other things to entertain.

GTA V List of Unique Body Modifications for cars
GTA 5 Best Car For Race
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