What are best cars in each class for race in GTA 5?


It would take a tremendous amount of time if you want to know exactly which car is the best in each class so the list of best cars for the heated race in GTA 5 below will be based on 3 factors: overall, top speed and value. Broughy1322 – a player who gained considerable trust from the community has assessed the speed of each vehicle, and this is his list.

By the way, your best bet is driving the vehicle with which you feel most comfortable, though there are limitations. You wouldn’t take a Coil Voltic to a Zentorno fight, for example, unless you were feeling really, really confident.

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Definitive list of the best GTA 5 Cars for races

Overall: Zentorno
Top Speed: Adder
Value: Turismo R

Overall: Elegy RH8
Top Speed: Massacro (Racecar)
Value: Elegy RH8 (It’s freeee)

3.Sports Classics
Overall: Z-Type
Top Speed: Z-Type
Value: Pigalle

Overall: Dominator (A lot of people prefer the Dukes because it’s easier to control)
Top Speed: Dominator
Value: Dominator (You can find it on the streets)

Overall: Zion (Cabrio is identical)
Top Speed: Felon (NOT GT)
Value: Zion (Again, you can find them in freeroam)

Overall: Rhapsody (On really tight circuit races, the Panto might be your best bet.)
Top Speed: Rhapsody
Value: Blista (You can find them on the streets)

Overall: Huntley S
Top Speed: Baller (New)
Value: Baller (New)

Schafter wins in all three categories, just find a Schafter.

9. Off-Road
Sanchez wins all three as well. Just make sure you wheelie (that goes for all bikes).

10. Motorcycles
Overall: Bati 801
Top Speed: Hakouchu (just because it wheelies so damn easy)
Value: Akuma (what hurts the Akuma is it doesn’t wheelie very good).

11. Vans
The Bison gets the clean sweep here. I don’t know why a Dodge Ram is in the van class either.

12. Utility
Another sweep with the Vapid Sadler. It’s too bad the Bison and the Sadler aren’t in the same class because they would put up a nice fight. They really should just have a Trucks class because mybe in that way all of those trucks in the bottom part of the Off-Roads class would actually be useable.

We hope this list helps. Just so you know, the value category is the cheapest vehicle you can buy (or steal) while still being able to be competitive. I don’t really recommend using that method unless you desperately need a car in that class and you’re broke. Anyways, good luck in your racing endeavors and race clean until someone hits you first!

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