GTA 5 Virtual Reality Mod: Should or Should not?


Have you ever considered the ability to run Grand Theft Auto 5 through virtual reality?

Well there’s someone actually made it a thing and this thing is pretty damn brutal. Unfortunately, we haven’t tried this mod out for ourselves but we can talk about it and we’ve also look through a few comments the creator of this mod has posted.

Unluckily, it is a private project and this isn’t anything to do with Rockstar games so it doesn’t look like Rockstar are thinking about bringing this on to Virtual Reality anytime soon but if you guys do own an oculus rift to any sort of virtual reality software or system then of course this mod will run for you.

So if you guys don’t know how virtual reality works, it is essentially some goggles to wear over your face and you cover your eyes with them, and then you hold a remote or a gun-like remote whatever shape you want to have it. It’s kind of your Wii controller or Wii stick and then you can use it to control whatever it is in your hand or your hands in general.

And the person who created this mod showed a short gif teaser which you can see right here of him walking around holding his stick which is a gun in the game and he is quite literally shooting down any pedestrian he likes to shoot down.

Now the person who made this we believe his name is Joseph Delgado. And the moment his project’s sneak peek was revealed, it instantly sparked a controversial discussion. Modder Joseph did say about how he felt about this mod he was working on and whether he should finish it or complete it at all.
Why is it a controversial topic? You have to take into account that you’re playing this game in virtual reality, which isn’t like us on a TV screen and projector. In virtual reality you are quite literally inside the game!

We’re pretty sure some of you have tried virtual reality on a variety of games and you must know even playing a small classic zombie shooter is pretty intense. It’s pretty crazy and it’s definitely got your heart racing.

And the person who made this did make a few comments about how he feels about his project so far:
“I’m really not sure about this. I feel horrible about making this. You actually feel guilty. My mouth dropped the first time I shot someone in my GTA: V VR setup. Follow me on Twitter for updates.
I’m going to be fleshing this out as one of my ongoing projects, just wanted to drop a quick teaser of what I started working on last night. VR is really cool.

I think it’s important to talk about that, especially because this is something that might end up on my portfolio in a professional environment. I feel like I’m looking at a crime scene every time I mess with this. It’s a serious concern. Other people won’t understand until they try it.”

Until now, we don’t know much but we know for a fact if you were inside GTA virtual reality style you would definitely feel a little bit intensified and a little bit scared and worried and concerned as to what your actions could bring. Imagine if you were running down the highway with an AK-47 you could feel like you’re holding the AK and you could shoot down anyone you like. Imagine if police were shooting at you it could genuinely influence you as a customer and as a player and that is something that Joseph does not want to be responsible for.

Unfortunately, there are not too many comments about this project and they’re mainly split over whether he should complete the project or not. Some are very excited by it. ” I think it’s exciting too, not just horrifying!”

In our opinion, we think it is an awesome project and we think it should be completed but then again we also want every single person who do experience this virtual reality experience to understand that this could genuinely influence you as a person. It’s pretty brutal. It enhances everything in GTA, it lands you inside the game and if you guys don’t know how insane virtual reality is you should give it a try. You will be completely 110% isolated from the real world. You are landed inside that game.

This project is pretty damn insane, it’s pretty awesome but it’s something which I think definitely needs to be spoken about because it is going to happen. It’s going to be made either by this guy or another guy whether it’s gonna be made next week or any year it doesn’t matter. This thing will come out soon and it would change the game!

Once Joseph gets “some more development time and features in there”, he plans to release it publicly. “The big thing missing right now is a way to drive cars intuitively. I want to make sure it’s a reasonably robust experience that can work through the majority of the single player campaign before I put anything out there.”

Do you want this project to be completed or do you want this project to be just discarded and not used at all? We want to know your thoughts down in the comment section below!

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