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The idea to make this site came to our mind approximately a year ago, when the GTA 5 officially launched the PC version, I literally spent more than a week to spawn a car. I used to think how stupid I was, but then I ran into many people on the same boat, with the same questions when they first mod. And I don’t want to see just because of a few small obstacles many people cannot enjoy the exciting and even insane things the mods bring.

So I decided to establish – the best GTA 5 community where GTA 5 fans/players can find all the information effortlessly and a network where GTA 5 fans/players can connect and express themselves.

Our goals

Where modders found convenience to upload mod, interact with users and especially find inspiration in creating new mods. Similarly, those who download the mods, they can access the best mods, potential mods, install and use them easily. In other words, this is where all be best are at the same place.

Additionally, GTABest desires to become the best GTA 5 community – the concentration of the useful information, accurate sources. Furthermore, with the superior platform advantages, this will be the place for you to connect with others, express yourselves and earn certain “achievement” if such contributions are recognized by the community. Check out Contest for more details.

Contributing valuable information and conveying that information to those who need them, as quickly as possible and in the most lucid and straightforward way – this is the core value of a community in order to be maintained and develop.

What makes GTABest different?

Mod upload and download have never been easier!

This feature helps users quickly access the information they want to read. Each mod will include description – features – how to install – FAQ which are categorized visible for all downloaders to quickly access the information about the mod they need.

Not only useful for those who download, GTAbest’s platform also helps modders correctly classify the information to cater for your downloaders. One thing you may not know, the first time I downloaded a mod I did struggle a lot. I painstakingly read the changelog, and my English was pretty shitty by the way, and then I found out that all I need to read is how to install that mod, and how to know if the mod works – these are often neglected by the mod’s authors.

Last but not least, the collection of GTA 5 Mod Guide from basic to advanced to help the newbies in GTA 5 modding can follow and install quickly and effortlessly, enjoy the features that the mods bring.


Feature Profile

GTAbest’s platform is designed as a mini facebook where you can connect with other GTA 5 fans. You can follow your favourite modders, report the stolen mods, interact with other users by clicking Like to voteup for the good posts. Most importantly, you can blog on your own profile – GTAbest’s Profile Homepage which is a territory for you to show off all GTA exp you find most useful to the community.

Highly appreciate your Contribution

Feature donate

I would love to click like or voteup for things I find interesting, but I noticed that people tend to give bad remarks. A mod with thousand downloads only gets a few voteups. If your mod is voted up by many people, it must be so valuable that we must log in and give you a vote-up. Therefore, these values ​​deserves proper recognition. Monthly Top Author Contest – awarded for most popular articles / users. Specifically, a small incentive will be given for 1-2 users whose voteups / likes are the highest. And there may be many other programs for those interesting comments, ideas that for now I have yet to think of, but the scoring system will definitely be one of the central features of GTAbest.

A GTA 5 trusted Source

All mods submitted on is guranteed to be free from malware by scanning virus feature.

And there are many more…. we’re waiting for your suggestions!
Don’t know You may even like and trust us!

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